Attach a Splash Cymbal to Your Bongos



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My roommate drums too much. Therefore, it's only logical to give him the ability to make even more noise. He had an extra cymbal and some bongos, and after a trip to the hardware store, we were able to combine them. Here's how!

Step 1: Materials

we used:
~one strip of thin 1 inch wide steel
~one 5/16 threaded rod
~three nuts
~one nylon lock nut
~one Paiste 8 inch splash cymbal
~two large washers
~electric tape
~two felt cymbal washers

The drum is a Meinl miniature bongo.

~drill and bits
~two pairs of pliers
~blow torch
~metal cutting saw

Step 2: Bottom Bracket

Two of the tuning bolts on the bongo are close enough together to use for mounting. Cut off a suitably sized piece of metal and drill two holes on either side to line up with the bolts. Drill a third hole right in the center. Make sure the holes and cut ends are deburred and not sharp.

Step 3: Bend Rod

Using the torch, heat the rod until it begins to turn red, and then gently bend into the shape shown using pliers. The exact bends depends on the size of your drums and where you want the cymbal. Cut the rod about two inches past the bend.

Step 4: Assembly

Attach the metal plate to the tuning rods as shown. Then, using two nuts attach the rod and tighten them very tight. On top of the rod, screw the nut down the rod to the bend and add some electric tape as shown. The tape keeps the cymbal from being damaged on the threads. Attach parts in the following order: washer, felt ring, cymbal, felt ring, washer, and finally lock nut. Tighten the nuts around the cymbal until it is secure and sounds good.

Step 5: Rock Out!

It works great, drummer approved!



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