Attach Sugru Feet to a Wooden Box

Introduction: Attach Sugru Feet to a Wooden Box

The Problem

My daughter received this cute as can be Memory Box. To prevent it from scratching the surface of her bedroom furniture I have to place it on a cloth. If only it had little feet to prevent it from scratching. Sugru can fix that problem!

Step 1: The Fix

Prepare your item and working surface. I used a large paper plate as my work surface. Rub the work surface with a thin amount of petroleum jelly. More on why later.

Step 2: Sugru Balls

Cut open the package of Sugru. Roll 4 Sugru balls of similar size. It doesn’t have to be exact. Just eyeball it.

Step 3: Placement

Place the four balls on the bottom of the object that needs the feet. Each ball should be placed near the four corners of your object.

Step 4: Petroleum Jelly

Remember your work surface rubbed with petroleum jelly? Turn you object over and gently squish the object with Sugru balls attached onto that surface. Use a level if you want to be sure your object is level and squish down on the sides that need more leveling.

Step 5: Lift and Done

Gently, lift your object off of the work surface. It should easily lift off of the petroleum jelly. Either place your item on its side or upside down to let Sugru cure for 24 hours.

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