Attiny85 5110LCD DS18B20 Thermometer

Introduction: Attiny85 5110LCD DS18B20 Thermometer

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I was able to make a simple termometer with Attiny85 microcontroller.A small price, small dimensions, low power and low voltage.

Step 1: Parts:

For this project you need a some parts:

1: Attiny85 uC

2. Nokia 5110 LCD

3. DS18B20 + 4,7K ohm resistor

4. Breadbord + jumper wire

Step 2: NOTICE:

Is possible error for uploading code on Attiny85. I would recommend using the arduino 1.0.5 Ide ( i use 1.0.6) and it should work just fine.You need a tinyPCRELpatch. Extract from zip and copy file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware. Then you should not have problems with upload. Also copy a libraries in C:\Users\(your user)\Documents\Arduino\libraries.

Step 3: Upload Code;

#include <OneWire.h>

#define ONEWIRE_BUSS 4

OneWire TemperatureSensor(ONEWIRE_BUSS);


// SCK (CLK) ------- Attiny85 pin 5
// MOSI (DIN)------- Attiny85 pin 6

// DC (register select) ------- Attiny85 pin 7

// RST ------- Attiny85 pin 2

// CS (CE) ------- to GND

//LCD5110 myGLCD(0, 1, 2, 3, 6); //D6 don't exist - conect CS to GND

extern uint8_t BigNumbers[];

void setup(void) {




void loop(void) {


byte i;
byte data[12];

int16_t raw;

float t;

TemperatureSensor.reset(); // reset one wire buss
TemperatureSensor.skip(); // select only device

TemperatureSensor.write(0x44); // start conversion

delay(1000); // wait for the conversion


TemperatureSensor.write(0xBE); // Read Scratchpad

for ( i = 0; i < 9; i++) { // 9 bytes

data[i] =;


raw = (data[1] << 8) | data[0];
t = (float)raw / 16.0;

myGLCD.printNumF(t, 1, CENTER, 14);


Step 4: Specifications:

Working voltage 3 - 3.3 V

Current 5mA

Step 5: Version With Batteries:

Step 6: All Files in Zip:



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    1 year ago

    Thank you for that instrctable :)

    Work fine with Arduino 1.8.3

    powered by Li-ion 3.7V 120mA

    4 replies

    her is my schematic from Kicad 4.2
    Nice Day Mic100


    Just wired LCD without thermometer


    Full documentation of the LCD library used here ..


    Thank you for this instrutable. Very interesting!

    Could you please clarify the input voltage? are you using the AtTiny version for 3V or the 5V working at 3V?

    1 reply

    hi i like your project.. im try to do some like, but i want to change the thermometer for a resistive divider in a regular arduino i just make a analogRead, can i used the lcd code and change the temp code just for a analogRead?