Audio Typist Foot Pedal

Introduction: Audio Typist Foot Pedal

My wife has started to do audio typing from home as the job market is sparse around here at the moment.

She has completed a couple of jobs and they to use her words "took forever" as she had to keep moving her hands from the home keys to jump the recordings back.

In her previous jobs she had used foot pedals and said it would be good to get one.....

Light bulb moment - the program she uses has keyboard shortcuts I had at work a French Keyboard sent in error with a new Dell PC perfect, I had looked earlier on at the purchased foot-pedals and they are £50+ why not make one.

So with Dell French keyboard in hand re-purposing began, first off remove the keys from the keyboard except the ones you need.

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Step 1: Making the Pedals

As time was tight I did not have time to get plastic paneling and springs to make the pedals but did have the packing foam from the PC, so I cut the blocks of foam into blocks, first off trying to stick with super glue directly to the foam, then using the old favourite Gaffa Tape and gluing the keys to the tape, and then pressing them home.

Make sure that they move cleanly on a key press if you are doing this.

Step 2: Tidying Up

So that the keys do not catch on the open empty keyboard base I used a sheet of stiff cardboard and put it under the keys and using gaffa tape again after shaping stuck it down.

I drew on the images of what the keys did for easy reference, my wife chose the layout.

She has tested it 20 mins after I finished and she is already back up to 75 wpm.

Version 2 - hopefully over this coming weekend - change the foam for Plastic Panel and put some springs underneath the plastic or the keys it depends on what the box of goodies holds (my wife used to call this the junk box until recently)

Hope you liked - this is my first post here on Instructables prior to this I have been a long time lurker.

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    Nice! I'd love to hear more about how you got the pedels to hit the right keys on the keyboard and I hope to see an update with the completed project!

    Mark Gilman
    Mark Gilman

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    As you can see from the first picture I removed all of the keys except the 3 that I needed for the Job.