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Introduction: Audrey 2 Costume

For all you Little Shop of Horrors fans out there.

Step 1: Paper Mache Mask Structure

Blow up a big punching bag balloon (usually easy to find in the party section of Dollar Tree).
I use just flour and water and newspaper strips for the glue, at a consistency a little runnier than pancake batter. At least 3-4 layers, making sure it dries in between. Then my last layer I use white tissue paper, just laying it on top of the last newspaper layer (it absorbs right onto it). this makes it dry white and easy to paint.

Step 2: Cut Shape of Mouth

Using a knife, cut the outline of the mouth, making it wavy. Then fit the 3/4" pipe insulation over the edges to form the lips. I duct tape it on to keep it in place, then added one more layer of newspaper paper mache over all of it, again ending with tissue paper.

Step 3: Paint and Teeth

cut teeth out of white posterboard. cut slits in the foam lips, add some glue to the bottom of the teeth, and slide them into the slits.
paint the head and lips with craft paint. (or paint first, let everything dry, then add teeth.) spray paint with a clear coat to seal it all. this is important, as paper mache is delicate if it gets rained on!

Step 4: Add Foliage

using a variety of fake plants and leaves, glue them onto the mask in your desired arrangement.

Step 5: Make Flower Pot

I didn't take a lot of before pictures for this part, but it's easy! I bought a solid laundry basket and cut the bottom off. spray paint it terra cotta color. I cut straps out of felt to wear it like suspenders, tied them onto the pre-existing handles. then hot glue brown felt around the rim, and hot glue fake plants and moss to that.

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