Audrey and Audrey II Costume (Little Shop of Horrors)




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In honour of the best musical about a man-eating plant ever made (Little Shop of Horrors, in case there's any confusion), I created this easy Audrey and Audrey II costume.

I made the pod and tongue of Audrey II with Sculpey Ultra Light, and added the veins with Sculpey Liquid. The whole thing was then painted with regular acrylic paints, and given a quick coat of matte varnish. I attached the tongue using the age-old technique of ramming a toothpick through two layers of Sculpey.

The stem is made from a wire coat hanger wrapped with masking tape, and the various leaves are also masking tape, doubled over and painted green.

For the coffee can, I painted a papier mache box with the Maxwell House design seen in the film. To get Audrey II to stand up in the box, I wedged sponges down around the coat hanger stem, and covered the whole thing with a layer of reindeer moss.

Because I wanted Audrey II to be a moving puppet, rather than a static model, I hinged the pod with paper fasteners, and connected a zip tie to the top of the pod to allow Audrey II's mouth to be opened from the back. When you're holding Audrey II, you can hook your thumb through the zip tie and pull down to make the mouth open and close at your whim, (while shouting "Feed me!", obviously).

The Audrey costume is just a cheap tight black dress, a £3 wig, and a lot of blue eyeshadow. (Un)fortunately, I gave myself an actual black eye last week, so I didn't even have to fake a shiner.

I hope you enjoyed this Instructable, and remember, don't feed the plants!



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    19 days ago

    Excellent! Love this one!

    The teathre group in our school played this musical, my friend played Audrey II :)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I just adore this, I want to make one to put in my classroom!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    That is GREAT! Maybe you can find three women in red sequin dresses to sing-narrate your evening. "Doo-da-do"


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Making Audrey II movable is perfect, this is a great idea for a costume!

    Feed me Seymour!