August Maker Giving Back Event

Introduction: August Maker Giving Back Event

About: My hobby is building robot. My goal is design and 3D printing all different kind of robot and provide the robotic hobbyist community with a platform that could then program and improve up on.

The month of August has a special place in my heart since it is my birthday's month, and especially this year. I have moved here from Vietnam about 9 years ago, in August and, it was my 16 birthday.

Time has gone by so fast, I feel like it was just yesterday. However, this would be my first birthday celebration as an a U.S.A citizen. I only can get to where I am today because of the people around me. Of course, my family, who always listens to whatever decision I had with an open mind and full support. Also the robotic communities, these forums is where I asked questions and done all my research. The members from these forums answer these questions with a deep understanding of the struggle that a newbie has. I can't explain to you how many time I faced a problem that only an experience robot builder would know the answer to it. Most of the time it is very obvious, however, some problem just needs a hint to solve it.

For that reason, I decided to not just celebrate my birthday with the people I know, but also give back to these communities that I have learn so much from. I will upload a project that I designed to celebrate this special month.
The project is called: " Steampunk Style Tripod for iPhone 6 Plus. "

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Step 1: Let's Talk a Little Bit About the Steampunk Style Tripod

The Steampunk Style Tripod is one of my favorite creations and I have to give the credit for my inspiration souse. I have always been inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's artwork, especially the Howl's Moving Castle. In this animated film, there were these giant house that could walk all over the world by using steam power. A radical idea, however, for the limit of imagination that is just a surface and , that makes it so beautiful. (I wish my house could walk around using steam power >"<)

The Steampunk Style Tripod can't walk, however throughout the designing process, my goal was made the project not just the Steampunk look but also functional. For that reason, the Steampunk Style Tripod could hold your phone for you, in this case for iPhone 6 plus. The tripod also has a reset place for a 5V fan, I have the fan install for a couple of reasons that you might considerate.

Step 2: The Advantage of Having a Fan

First for the gamer who plays on their phone for hours, then this is a needed addition. I play games on my phone for hours also, where I have to constantly check on the phone and keep it on. Even playing inside , playing while charging is one of the reasons why your device could get to a harmful temperature.

Second for videography who using their phone for time-lap ( me :) or recording for a long period of time. I tried time-lap my 3D printing process in the past, my phone either got overheated or my arm got over-work since a small 3D printed object could take at least one hour. The time-lap only effective when the camera won't move over a long period of time and the Steampunk Style Tripod could do just that. I also kept in mind that the camera angle should be stably during the filming process but easy to adjust to a different angle. The screw system would be perfect for the job and the theme.

Step 3: The Tripod System

The last thing I want to talk about the Steampunk Style Tripod is the tripod system itself. I own and used 2 types of tripod system, ball link system, link system where each leg could extent. I like them both, but they are not really fitting the theme. So I decided to combine the link system and the screw system together to create a function tripod system using thread to stabilize. And did I tell you that the base actually rotate smoothly? :D

Step 4: The Steampunk Style Tripod for IPhone 6 Plus File Publication Date.

I plane on publish all the STL file of the Steampunk Style Tripod next Friday on August 5. The reason why it would take a while because I need to do the assembly manual and making sure the STL file in order and name correctly. There will be a lot of work to do since I will go deeper on explaining the different comportment that is in the tripod . I will also comment on the future update where you could motorize some part of the tripod :). Also on how to modify the phone holder so that it fit your phone or any type of phone you decide to use for your project,

There will be more project coming till the end of August so TUNE IN and LET MAKING. If you want to find out more about the August event,you could clip here for my first broadcasting at Circuit Specialist page.

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