Austin and Coles Minnow Trap




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Step 1: Supplies

Buy two bottles. Plastic bottles... A :.78L (one gallon) particularly a Ocean spray container. And a standard 2L pop bottle like a 7 up that bad a long funnel shaped top. Also a thin rope long enough for however deep your trap will be going down.

Step 2: Building

Cut out the very bottom of the 3.78L bottle leaving a hole the same size as the top of the 2L bottle. You will also need to cut the top of the 2L bottle off and cut slits around the edge that can be folded over. Make sure to take the cap off the 2L bottle.

Step 3: Last Step

Next take a small drill, and you wanna make sure it's pretty small. Take the drill and drill 5 holes into the 3.78L bottle cap. Also take the role, and tie whatever knot you want around the cap. Also make sure to get dog food, and some small rocks. The dog food will attract the minnows while the rocks will bring it down Into the water. And thats it! Thanks for reading.

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