Authentic Hong Kong-Style Fried Rice (8 Servings)

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Delicious Homemade Fried Rice is a convenient dish as we could use up whatever is left in our fridge. While many might think Fried Rice is a cinch, yet a truly authentic Fried Rice requires more precisions than putting all leftover ingredients together. In Hong Kong, Char Siu and Boiled Shrimps are typical ingredients in Fried Rice. Let me walk you through with all the essential kitchen tips for a successful authentic Hong Kong-Style Fried Rice!


A Chinese Wok (Not a skillet, not a pan!)
2 cups of White Rice (leftover rice even better)
2 Onions, diced
A bunch of Spring Onions, diced
Ginger (Optional), diced
1 whole bulb of Garlic, diced
50g of Dried Shrimp
120g Boiled Shrimp (just leftover from my own fridge, haha)
300 grams Char Siu (Chinese Barbequed Pork), diced
3 Eggs (beaten)

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Step 1: Tip 1: Gather Dry & Fragrant Ingredients

Authentic Fried Rice is fragrant, DRY AND CRISP. Like what you want in a potato chip, you do not want any extra moisture to ruin its crispiness. First thing to do to avoid that unwanted moisture is to choose dry and fragrant ingredients. Hence, gather the spring onions, onions, ginger, garlic and dried shrimp. Wash the green onions and rinse the dried shrimp. Drain and pat dry them by kitchen paper. Leave the dried shrimps aside. Peel (where necessary) and dice all vegetables.

Chinese chefs prefer leftover rice. That’s because excessive moisture is removed by storing rice in the fridge overnight. If you are using leftover rice, just leave it at room temperature to thaw a little. But if you are using freshly cooked white rice, don’t panic. Just fluff the rice with a rice paddle and leave the rice to cool at room temperature.

Beat the eggs. Beaten eggs are indispensable in authentic Fried Rice. The reasons are threefold. First, eggs add a nice color to the dish. Second, when beaten eggs are cooked, they help separate the rice and prevent rice from sticking together. Third, freshly cooked eggs makes the fried rice even more fragrant.

Other ingredients are personal preferences. I used boiled shrimps and Char Siu here as they are typical ingredients in Hong Kong-Style Fried Rice. And both the boiled shrimp and Char Siu make the dish more colorful. Char Siu also adds slight sweetness to the rice as well. Dice the Char Siu and set it aside.

Step 2: Tip 2: Bring Out As Much Flavor As Possible

Heat up the wok. For every stir-fried dishes, high heat is preferred. We make sure the wok is heated up before adding cooking oil. A round-bottom wok is more preferred in the eyes of Chinese chefs because the shape of the wok eases the picking up of all food by a ladle. In addition, the bottom of a round bottom wok gets hotter (than a flat-bottom one) making it more ideal for stir-frying.

Add dried shrimps first and lightly stir-fry it till they turn golden. When the dried shrimp smell becomes intense, add garlic, ginger, spring onions, onions respectively and stir-fry them to blend their fragrance in harmony.

Step 3: Tip 3: Cook in the Right Order

Now add the white rice, then the beaten egg. Once the beaten egg is added, immediately start stir-frying. This is to ensure the beaten egg is evenly distributed among the white rice. Keep stir-frying until the wok of white rice looks pale yellow in general (as shown in the pic) and is no longer sticky. At this stage, the white rice should separate from each other. If not, keep working (the best is yet to come, haha)! You may want to add salt for further seasoning. So salt to taste (As my family prefers less salt, we omit salt here.) Once the rice separates from each other, it is now dry and crisp. Add the the diced Char Siu and the boiled shrimps. Stir-fry to ensure even distribution of ingredients. Now you have your Hong-Kong style Homemade Fried Rice! Enjoy!

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