Auto 3D Printed Fish Feeder

I had been working on a aquaponics project and decided that I needed to do less and find something to feed the fish for me. It will feed fish on a timing system for 15 days at a time then you just refil the funnel. The hole system is pretty simple. A fan motor on a plug in time spins for a certain time. When the fan motor is on it spins an auger pulling food out of the funnel and down the tube and out the hole at the end. Hope this gives you guys great ideas

Step 1: Design Your Parts

Depending on wht your using you can edit size and make your own stl files. That was the best part of doing this. I used auto desk inventor to design and print.

Step 2: Assemble Your Printed Parts.

The three main tubes. I connected with an apoxy glue. Then you have to attach the funnel to the hole on the first tube on top. Then the smaller pin or main auger bit. There is a small hole at the end to fit a 10 gauge wire. I wrapped it around a 1 inch pice of pipe to form an auger so when the pin turns it turns the auger. Put the tight fitting stopper on the out side end and walla. Make sure ur holes all line up before u glue I learned that the hard way.

Step 3: Connect Your Pin to Your Motor

I naught a small 6$ fan off Amazon. I ripped the blade off just so I had the motor axle. I put a rubber band around the axle and the stopper. You will hav to do modifications to get it to stay or get it to turn. That is why I have pencils. You need your auger to push it OUT NOT IN. So make sure u have the motor the right way.

Step 4: Finally Connect It to Your Timer

I just baught a outlet control timer. Pretty cheap make sure u can control the seconds.



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    2 years ago

    Neat design! It would be cool if you can write out some steps on how you put it together. :)