Auto File Hider (Behind Pictures)

Introduction: Auto File Hider (Behind Pictures)

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This is an extremely Easy to use file hider! I coded it myself and it comes with an instruction file.

Enjoy my work

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Step 1: Credits!

Credits to Crazy Leprecaun For teaching me how to do this originally. Coding to program is 100% original and 100% mine He is located Here

Step 2: Download

First you need to DOWNLOAD the program. Password for file is on the last page.

Step 3: Now Chose Files

Chose the files you want to hide and the picture you want to hide them behind, put them all into the programs folder.

Step 4: Put All Files in One Folder

Take all the files you want to hide and put it into a folder

Step 5: Zip

Zip the files into a single archive.

Step 6: Start

Open Run.bat of my program

Step 7: Type the Picture Name

Enter the picture name and hit enter, in this case hidein.jpg

Step 8: Type in the Name of the Zip

Tyoe in the name of your zip file then hit enter, MAKE SURE TO USE FILE EXTENSIONS ON ALL!!

In this case Hide.7z

Step 9: Name New File


In this case it will be NEW.jpg

Step 10: Press Enter

Hit Enter and watch the sparks fly!

Step 11: Your Done!

Hope you enjoyed my program!

To get the files out just drag the "Image" onto the icon of your zip program and it will read it as an archive.

Thanks, The Download Key is genuine




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    9 Discussions

    Robert i really need your help it doesn't seem like its working for me? im trying to hide my exe file behind the JPG picture. it works with the picture and the picture is opening but the exe file doesn't run behind the picture can u help me with that maybe?

    it is genuine sorry for the confusion

    Nice! You gave me the idea to make a more user friendly Ruby version, where it auto compiles the folder if possible, but just reads a pre-made .7z file otherwise. It also can read files from anywhere on your computer, not just inside the folder that the program is in. I will post the code if anybody wants to see it. I might make a batch version as well, because you need Ruby to run Ruby code, but you need Windows to run batch.

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    Oh and I believe you can go out of the folder if you change just typing the name to typing the directory from C:/Untill/Filename lol So that could be an easy way to get anywhere!

    Sweet! Im not familiar with Ruby but it sounds cool. I like your idea. Its basically what i did when i saw just the code, Made a program! lol Im always happy to see code improvement.