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Introduction: Auto Hacking USB

About: My name is Ross and I live in Montreal Canada! Technology is my life. I love to program and have three apps on the app store. I code Java, HTML, PHP and CSS and hopefully more in the future.

In this inscrutable I will show you how to make an auto hacking usb drive. This is my first tutorial so bare with me.

Also this tutorial should be used for legal and educational purposes. I am not responsible for you doing something illegal.

Step 1: Download the Files.

I went ahead and created all the files necessary so all you have to do is drag and drop.

You can download the files here:

Just click download zip and then drag the zip to your flash drive and unzip it.

Step 2: Use It

To use it just click the start.bat


- Removes antivirus from the computer

- Records all stored passwords from all browsers to a .txt file called passwords.txt

- Silently installs a key logger to the computer which can still be used after the usb is unplugged just plug it back in to automatically sync all logged keys. The logged keys will be shown in a text file called daten.txt

- Takes all searches that the computer has done and puts them in a txt file called searches.txt (Google, Bing, etc.)

This is the very first release and i plan on making a version 1.1 soon which will add silently removing antivirus and will also add alot of cool features. So check my github for updates and also for any other cool programs i have coming. :)



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    Update is being delayed due to the time required for re-coding the keylogger. I wanted to ask what the users of the software would prefer for the code of the new keylogger. The options are Java, .NET, VB, or C++.

    I'm best in Java but Java has a dependency along with .NET and I would prefer this to work on as many computers as possible. But at the same time, by using Java I could extend AHU support to macs. If I did C++, the update will be a lot longer then planned (1+ week). There is a very low chance of me doing it in .NET just because most people don't have the needed dependency.

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    The page is not working. I would love to try it out.

    It says that the page doesn't exists. Can you renew the link or contact me so we can keep in contact? Also a Darknet or something other link is okay for me.

    I'll hope hearing from you.

    It is actually not, I discovered that by accident XD

    I recommend portableapps for this. Find the portable java program. Cd into the folder with all the needed java stuff and use batch to run java then the name of the keylogger.

    I'm not sure yet. I am trying as hard as I can to get it out before Sunday. I may just release all the Bug Fixes and the new options.txt for pre options and then just release the Keylogger when it's ready.

    Currently I am working on the option to have a text file that will allow you to designate what you want to run and what you don't want to run on AHU. This will allow you to skip the start screen and just plug in and then unplug. Hopefully the update will be coming soon.

    great! I will admit I was skeptical at first. (most people are when there is a title that says, "auto hacking usb"

    It is really easy, just copy the files inside the ZIP to the root directory of your USB. Then, plug into another computer.

    Would be nice if you could somehow make one of these for ChromeOS on a Chromebook??


    1 year ago

    Is it working on win7.

    havent downloaded the file and want to hack school pc

    Could you fix the link?


    1 year ago

    Keylogger won't work


    1 year ago

    It keeps saying its a trojan: BAT/Killav.B, All these message pop-ups just saying it a virus on my windows 10

    Hey the link doesn't work. Can you update it please!

    Hey the link doesn't work. Can you update it please!

    Hey the link doesn't work. Can you update it please!