Auto Loading Knex Gun/Pistol With 9 Round Magazine, Now With True Trigger.




Introduction: Auto Loading Knex Gun/Pistol With 9 Round Magazine, Now With True Trigger.

This gun was originally made by banana inventor. All I did was put on a true trigger. Credit to banana inventor and whoever originally made that trigger design. The original gun is here:

Step 1: The Handle and Trigger

Just build What is in the picture.

Step 2: The Mag

Again, build whats in the picture. Pretty simple.

Step 3: The Barrel

Ehh, still easy. The middle is just the brown or orange one way connectors Remember which side is which because the bottom has an opening for the trigger.

Step 4: The Rams

These push the ammo in and out.

Step 5: Put It All Together

Very simple.

Step 6: Ammo and Shooting

For the ammo, find some half connectors, the pieces with a rod slot and then the hole, like in the pic.
Load them in the clip and put the pusher in. Pull back the main rod behind the trigger so the trigger goes up. Then pull the trigger to shoot.

Step 7: Notes (importaint to Some People!)

Once again, credit to banana inventor and the designer of that trigger mechanism. Feel free to modify this gun. A good idea would be to extent the barrel on the back so the ram rod doesn't come out when you pull it back too fast. You could also extend the clip. ALSO IMPORTAINT NOTE!! The connector at the front ant top of the barrel is not hooked in. I did that to make the ammo come out of the barrel 'cause the barrel got smaller at the front. Look out for my version of Ddlinx's Wii zapper with an A button mod and clear pics.



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    16 Discussions

    good gun but trigger need serious mod, change the green piece attached to the barrel blocker to a red piece, and change trigger end to to white rods

    great gun but make the barrel shorter and have better trigger assembly instructions

    Special side note: All pics were taken in my closet because of the flash so that is why some are too bright or off a little.

    1 reply

    ok. I made this gun and it's great. but whenever I use it it breaks the peices I use for the end of the firing rod.

    1 reply

    the pictures are horrible i'm half way through and i have to stop makin it cause i can't see what to do next. Add some real instructions! 1 Star :(