Auto Pot Stirrer From BBQ Spit for Stirring Corn Mash




this is my first indestructible so I will try and make it easy to understand.
I'm looking at making some corn based alcohol. and it involves a lot of stirring or else it will burn. so this is my automatic solution. I have a cheep electric spit motor of my BBQ. and when I brought it the shaft was twice as long as I needed so I had put the aside for a future project.
my pot is from Kmart, and is about 300mm in Dia. so I cut a piece of the shaft about 280 long. and I welded the off cut in the center using my stick welder and stainless rods. I had to buy a flat bar to sit across the top of my pot. it overhangs 20mm each side, I welded nuts to each end to lock the plate to the pot, then I welded two bolts strait of the ends in opposite corners, these bolts sit in the handles of the pot and stop it front spinning. I drilled a hole in the center to the plate for the shaft to go through.
I sat the stirring shaft in the pot and placed the plate on top and locked it on with the locking bolts. then I lifted the t piece just of the bottom of the pot and placed a retaining ring with a lock bolt above the plate to hold it in position. the retaining ring was part of the spit kit.
from my she'd I found a angle bracket left from a previous job, that slid into the spit motors mount. I welded it onto the top of my plate lining it up with the hole. I trimmed the stirring stick to suit the depth of the motor coupling. then assembled the whole thing.
I haven't tried it with the corn yet I will update on its success or failure. the only thing I'm worried about is it turning to slow as the motor only has one speed. and I'm wondering if the stirring t piece is thick enough to get enough movement in the liquid I am thinking about adding some flat bar to provide more surface area.
thanks for reading.

Step 1:



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      2 years ago

      Nice job !

      I have done my mash stirrer using a wiper motor: it works great for making beer ;)

      By the way I done a mistake with the first stirrer: I mixed aluminium and stainless steel to make it: it makes a big chemical react that dissolves the aluminium. When I washed it using dish-washing liquid the pot diameter lost at least 0.2 mm, and the water was gray.

      Picture of my current mash stirrer:

      It's automated: it regulates temperature and logs can be accessed via bluetooth, if interested: contact !

      2 replies

      Reply 2 years ago

      nice looking unit. yeah I like to keep everything stainless. just safer that way. I find people think welding stainless a bit of a problem thinking you need special equipment but a cheep stick welder and stainless electrodes does a fantastic job with a bit of practice. have you published an indestructible with the details sounds like a cool setup. is that an induction hotplates your using?.


      Reply 2 years ago

      I did not have time to do so, because it is not finished yet (I want to be able to program the 4 steps, currently it only goes to a given temperature and then "beeps" like my microwave ;).


      2 years ago

      I'm in favor of anything and everybody who brews spirits for home use. This ought to work well for you, so keep at it mate!

      1 reply

      Reply 2 years ago

      thanks for the encouragement. there are some fantastic thing on here for home spirits production.