Auto-Power-Off 3D Printer

Introduction: Auto-Power-Off 3D Printer

Welcome to my first Instructable,

today i show you how to auto-power-off your 3D printer. There are several ways to do this, like using an ATX etc. pc power supply which has a pin for that, a remote controlled socket (but you have to shut it down wirelessly).

So i decided to mount a servo on my power supply.

Find a good position, where the servo knob can turn the switch for the power supply easy.

Step 1: Connect Servo

Connect the Servo to the first socket on the RAMPS 1.4.

ATTENTION: you have to close the jumper on the left of the reset button. It gives the servo 5v. Shot the pin called VCC with 5v pin. For that you can use the jumpers, which were included in the stepper driver package.

Step 2: Programm

I use the Repetier Software.

So you must go into the configuration.h file and change FEATURE_SERVO to 1

Make sure, servo0_pin is 11

As last step, you have to add a G-code to your end g-code file. You can find the tab for that in your personal slicer (i use curaengine included in repetier host)


M340 P0 S950 ;Turn printer off with servo

Modify the number, so that the servo doenst move too much or too low.

Usual rages for the number if 1000 to 2000, which determinates the full servo cycle( 180° ).

Step 3: Watch Turning Off the Printer

Make sure you saved the end g-code and start a print

As the printer finished and (normally) homes the X axis, the servo will start rotating and the power supply is turning off.

The most important aspect is, that you can easily put it back on, because the servo doest resist against your movement.

Thank you for reading my first Instructable :)

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Is it possible to adapt this project to a g2560 board?


    4 years ago

    This is awesome! It's quite a different approach than I've seen before.