Self Power Offff........

Introduction: Self Power Offff........

Hi Friends.....

As you know APR 1 is fast approaching. So here's how to do a prank with a computer.

It's auto shutdown of computer every five minutes. Do it on some friend's one and enjoy seeing them. Don't forget to vote...

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Step 1: Creating a .bat File

Open note pad and copy the given code in it:

@echo off
echo Message here.

shutdown -s -f -t 60 -c "type a message you want to appear here."

the next step is...

Go to File-->Save as and save the file with some name and extension .bat.
For Example, I will save my file as mm.... Hello.bat in my desktop.

Now it will be saved in your system desktop. Create some folder and put the file in.

this file will now auto shutdown the system on execution.

Step 2: Auto Task.

This is the most important part here.


From there double click on "TASK SCHEDULER"

control panel-->administrative tools-->task scheduler

A window will open

Go to

Actions--->Create task

Give your task a name(it doesn't matter whatever you give)

Step 3: Triggers Tab

Go to "TRIGGERS TAB" and look down for "new" .

Click it.

Now look down for "Advanced settings" and check the box where it says "REPEAT TASK EVERYDAY"

Click on Drop down list and select the time..(Make sure you select atleast 5 minutes as this time will be sufficient to stop the task after the prank)

Step 4: FINAL Step

Go to "ACTIONS" tab and open it.

A window appears and Action list will by default be "Start a program". If not change it and in the "Program/script " textbox browse for the location of the .bat file which we saved already.

Hit "OK" and again "OK" in the next window....

The bat will now launch every five minutes, shutting down the computer and driving your victim crazy -- until you chose to reveal your dastardly actions!.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Good job on your first Instructable. This would be a funny prank!