Auto Time Switch for Router




We went to bed every night, and the router worked hard every day without a break. It's quite hard to turn off the power every day, so I make this thing because I tried to find a way to let it rest automatically. Thanks for to provide PCB supports.

Step 1: Schematic

Step 2: Componment Parts

Step 3: Board Process

A. Open four holes with a 4 mm diameter into two 7*5 whiteboards, as shown in the figure:

B. Open six holes of 3 mm diameter on one of the whiteboard. As shown in the picture:

C. Welded hollow plates with digital tubes, as shown in the following figure:

D. Welding the hole board with MCU, as shown in the figure:

E. Connect two boards with flying wires, as shown in the figure:

F. Punching holes in the plastic box, as shown in the figure:

G.Connect the upper and lower white boards with 3M*25 bolts, and separate them with insulating paper to prevent short circuit. As shown in the figure:

H. Put the cover on, as shown on figure:

Step 4: User Guide



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    7 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your project : )