Auto-transmission Beverage

It all started when the transmission in my car was starting to make noise. I did a little check and found out that the transmission fluid level is low. I went out to buy a litre just to top it up and see how it goes. With the unopened bottle sitting in front of me at my office, I thought of giving my colleagues a bit of surprise. This is what it looks like.

Step 1: Whats Available

Just something simple. I got a used straw and some left over superglue that will dry up soon anyway.

Step 2:

measure around 1 to 2 inches and cut the straw in a 30 degree angle so it will look like it is slightly leaning.
Unscrew the lid of the new fluid bottle. There should be a seal to prevent leakage before it gets to the hands of the end-user.
Important thing is: DO NOT remove this seal. You will need it to glue the short straw on. It is also to prevent any poisoning should any of your colleagues decide to have a sip.

Step 3:

Thats really all. from this picture you can see the straw appears to be sticking out of the seal as if it was punched in. I'll leave it there until later in the day when I top up my gearbox.



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    You are a sick individual macmundi!!
    Love it!!
    If there were a way to provide a red beverage (cranberry juice) the same color as trans fluid that would only make it better.
    No amount of washing would ever get it clean enough to risk.

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