Understanding AutoDesk Inventor 2012: Creating Objects and Extruding

Introduction: Understanding AutoDesk Inventor 2012: Creating Objects and Extruding

I made this at TechShop San Jose.
I created this using the software at Tech Shop San Jose! This is a place to go and build your dreams! Check out there website!

Please comment if you have any questions or have any comments! This is a "photo guide" instructable so please look at the pictures in order to get a full view of how to create the objects in order. 

Step 1: Understanding the Toolbar and Creating a Sketch

The toolbar is fairly easy to understand. There is basically two main modes, the 2D sketch mode and the 3D view. In the 2D sketch mode you can create 2D objects (i.e. circles, squares, triangles, ect). Additionally you can measure dimensions, create constraints, modify the object (copying, rotating, moving), creating text, and many more basic features. Click on the pictures for a step to step guide and a more detailed view and explanation. You can choose what plane you would like to use also. 

Step 2: Creating 2D Objects: Box, Circle, Triangle, Polygon

To make 2D objects use the toolbar located at the top of the page. The pictures show the steps to make a square/box, circle, triangle  and polygon. 

Step 3: Extruding Features

There are four extrusion options: Direction 1, Direction 2, Symmetric, and Asymmetric.

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