AutoDesk Inventor Sheet Metal EX2 Coolant Basin

This exercise will introduce you to AutoDesk Inventors Basic Sheet Metal tools such as; Face, Flange and Custom Corners.

Step 1: Create a 2D Sketch on the XZ Plane

Create a new 2D Sketch on the XZ Plane. Create the fully constrained 2D geometry using the dimensions given in the figure and appropriate Geometrical Constraints. Make sure your first piece of geometry snaps to the origin of the sketch to ensure you are able to fully constrain the sketch. Finish Sketch when complete.

Step 2: Create a Face

Create a face using the 2D sketch you just created. Ensure the face is being created in the negative Y direction. Select OK to accept.

Step 3: Add Flanges to Base

Create flanges on the top 8 edges of the part. Ensure angle and length have been input as shown in the figure. Leave the Unfold and Bend options in their default state. We will change the Corner options int he next step. Select OK to accept.

Step 4: Modify Corners of Flanges

Select the "Corner" tab during the flange feature creation. If you have already closed the flange feature creation window you may edit it through the browser of the left hand side by double clicking it or right clicking and selecting edit feature. The Corner Relief Shape will be changed from the default to "Arc Weld" by selecting it front he drop down list. This will allow the proper preparation to perform welding on the corner seams of the coolant basin. Select OK to accept. Your finished



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