AutoDesk Inventor Sheet Metal EX4 Funnel

This step by step tutorial will expose you to Basic Sheet Metal commands through creating custom sheet metals styles and standards, basic sketches and contour rolling.

Step 1: Accessing Sheet Metal Styles and Standards

Select Styles Editor from the Manage tab as seen in the figure.

Step 2: Creating a New Sheet Metal Style

Select New in the Style and Standard Editor window, as seen in the figure, and label it "0.0625" Coated Steel". Select OK to create the new standard.

Step 3: Customizing the New Standard

Please change the Material and Thickness as seen in the figure. Once completed double click 0.0625" Coated Steel from the browser on the left side under Sheet Metal Rule. This will make the rule active for the current file, you can verify this has happened by observing 0.0625" Coated Steel change too Bold text. Once completed select Done in the bottom left corner. Select the Sheet Metal tab in the top left corner of the screen to take you back to the sheet metal feature creation tools, because you are currently using the Manage tab.

Step 4: Create a 2D Sketch

Select Create 2D Sketch and select the XY Plane to begin you sketch. Create the profile as shown in the figure using the dimensions and appropriate geometrical constraints. Coincident works well. Once completed Finish Sketch.

Step 5: Create a Contour Roll

Select Contour Roll from the Sheet Metal tab. Select the more complex 2D profile you have just created as your Profile and the vertical line that you have created, in the same sketch, as the Axis. Set your Rolled Angle to 359.9 degrees, to allow for unfolding, and select OK to complete the feature.

Step 6:

Select Go to Flat Pattern to observe the final flat pattern. Your finished.



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