Autobot FURY: My Transforming Transformer Costume

Introduction: Autobot FURY: My Transforming Transformer Costume

I’ve always had great respect and interest in the armed forces. My father was a tank commander during the Persian Gulf War, so when I tried to come up with an idea for my costume, I thought of him. And, since I really like to impress him, and make him proud, I wanted to make myself into a tank. I’ve also always loved Transformers, so when a buddy of mine showed me a video of a similar costume that transformed, I thought, “I can do better.” So far, this has been the biggest and most challenging costume I’ve made, too. Also, the only tank Transformer so far is Brute, who is a Decepticon, but I wanted to be an Autobot. And since the movie Fury is coming out soon, and follows a tank crew during World War II, I decided to name my character FURY.

Most of my costume is made of high-density polypropylene, or corrugated plastic. We had a bunch of signs at work that we weren’t using anymore, so used them for the plastic. To attach it onto myself, I used elastic straps and plastic clips. I didn’t use any glue, since there aren’t many that are recommended for the type of plastic I used, so I drilled holes and used machine screws and nuts. Underneath the armor I wore a knockoff Morphsuit, that way none of my skin was showing, and there wasn’t a logo on it anywhere. It also keeps me warm in the cool weather.

I’ve only worn it to a couple of costume parties so far, but the reactions I got were exactly what I hoped for. People were really impressed, even though it was hard to walk around in. My co-workers have yet to see it in person, but they’re impressed by pictures. I’m volunteering at a kids’ event at my church called Trunk-or-Treat, so hopefully the kids there will like it just as much. My wife said she was proud of me, even though it kept me up way too late for several nights.

If it’s not obvious in the pictures, the jaw on my costume moves when I talk, especially when I use my deep, robotic voice and annunciate my words a lot. It was all kind of hard to move, and the helmet is tight on my face, but I’m happy with the way it turned out.



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    Do you have any bigger pictures of the bot mode? All the large picture are of the alt mode. =(

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    Oh and what about Warpath? He's an Autobot.


    Excellent work on the costume! It sure took you a very long time but at least your costume is just so impressive! I can't stop looking at the pictures, I wish you won the costume contest!

    Can you please tell me how you made the parts of the costume (making the tank/robot armour, robot helmet with moveable jaw etc) I am intrested in making one of these.

    Thanks you so much in advance and once again impressive costume!

    I wanted to take step by step photos, but I was in a hurry when making it. I'm a procrastinator.

    Oh man, I scrolled down so excited to see how you did this... and.... sad face!

    This is just screaming for some additional steps showing how you made this. It is so cool. Like, contest-winning level coolness!

    If you felt so inclined to add more information on how you designed all the parts and made them, I think people would really love that. Just my two cents! :)

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    I agree! Looks amazing but I'm trying to figure out what goes where when in "tank" mode. WIP photos would really do a lot :)

    I was talking movies and just tanks, but thanks! 'Preciate the feedback.

    Just FYI. There was an Autobot tank in the G1 cartoons before there was a Decepticon tank. His name was Warpath. In the Machine wars toys, Megatron was also a tank and looked a lot like your costume. Good job on the realism.

    I always love seeing these Transformer costumes. Great surprise when the cool vehicle gets up and talks! Good job!