Automated Wooden Table


Introduction: Automated Wooden Table

I made this silly contraption so I can quickly digitize my artwork for manipulation. Scanners are very slow. This is fast but low detail.

It is important that you see all the pictures full size. Please do so.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:



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    I don understand how this got on this website....these has 2 b a minimum in terms of presentation; otherwise I can post my 200 years old boot camp socks as a project... that a hacked CVS camera?? if so, nerdhax +10 on you... I suggest though, use a high quality webcam or a camera with a computer interface so that you can remotely control the shot as well as view it without having to touch the camera itself. I'm sure you'll agree how much of a pain it is to have to readjust it after every shot...

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    Its nice to see such low tech instructables. Love the way the pen doesn't work properly but the intructabler keeps on going. Showing fortitude and grim determination under trying circumstances deserves to be mentioned in dispatches, well done Spacecoyote!

    CooL! I have a acecad digimemo which stores drawings, sort of like a cheap tablet pc ;-)

    Step 5

    Replace cheap digital camera with one that has ability to focus...

    Actually, this is great - a really novel way to present an Instructable.

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    I meant the pics taken by the camera in the hangers - it can't get the page in focus top-to-bottom.

    This helps a lot, In the past I would try and duck tape my camera to the wall, this always turned out bad eather a)the camera would fall on me b)I would tape it in a weird way so I couldn't see the screen, or turn it on, or use it c)all of the above