Automatic Cymbals From Old Printer





Introduction: Automatic Cymbals From Old Printer

Hi everyone! I want to show you how to make an automatic cymbals from old pinter parts.

Step 1: Materials

You need:

- Easy-step stepper motor driver

- mechanics from old printer

- stepper motor (from pronter)

- limit switch (from printer)

- piece of wood - I use old floor panel

- servo SG90

- BT module

- cymbals

- electronics stuff like: LM7805, atmega328p, Capacitors 100nF and 22uF, 4 switches, a lot of goldpins and crystal (everything is on schema)

Step 2: Mechanic Part

We need to put everything together.

First mount stepper motor to mechanism from printer.

I need to cut it a little and drill some hole.

Then on carriage mount servo with glue.

All mount on floor panel.

Step 3: Electronic Part

I made simple PCB to this project.

Step 4: Control App

I write simple control application in C# ( in polish language ). We can play on cymbals online or create some musics in editor.

Step 5: Final Result and Source Files

We can see final result on movie. Unfortunetely mechanics is very loud :( I upload here all schematics and source code.

Visit also my YoutubeChannel: TheDambo1



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    6 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Could this be modified to use the original DC motor and optical encoder strip from the printer?

    1 reply

    Yes. I use stepper motors because they are easier to programm.


    2 years ago

    I am almost positive this is a xylophone not a cymbal

    This is great! I love automated instruments!