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We mostly have generator at our homes but the main problem is on/off

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Step 1: Normally How We Start Generator

when electricity gone


we switch off the main switch or breaker


if the generator is small or up to 1 kva we also switch off all the home appliances like Refrigerator, Ac and manyother things


we turn the fuel valve open and then start the generator


After starting Attach the wire with the home


When light come we first switch off the generator Close the fuel close.


Switch on the Main switch

Step 2: What Problem Arrizes in This


You may cause a shock

Human Error

forgot to switch off the main switch

after switch off the generator forgot to turn off the fuel.

No Alert for generator getting heating up

this Act damage the generator from in side

Step 3: Hardware Required for Making It Automatic

Arduino UNO

Solenoid Gas Valve

220 v Relays

12v Relay

5 v Relay module

220 v Contractors

Step 4: Now Manual Start and Automatic Off

in this diagram i made manual start and automatic off

First make this after that we will Modify to make it automatic by using arduino

For making this I use

120 A 8 pin Relay

to stop generatori use

5 pins small relay

to start use push button or Key of generator

Step 5: Now Adding Arduino in This Project

now assemble hardware like this to make generator auto start

In this you have to use

2 relay 220 v As a sencer for Arduino

1 relay module for starting generator

In this diagram I only modify the previous step (manually on and automatic OFF)

Now in this Auto start and Auto Off

In next step We put sensors and Protection

Step 6: Now Loading a Program on Arduino

now upload this code in the arduino

int ch1 =  6;

int ch2 =  7;
int ch3 =  8;
int ch4 =  9;
int ch5 =  10;

void setup()
   pinMode(ch1, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(ch4, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(ch5, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(ch2, INPUT);
  digitalWrite(ch2, HIGH);
  pinMode(ch3, INPUT);
  digitalWrite(ch3, HIGH);

void loop()
  if (digitalRead(ch2) == LOW)
  {  // switch is pressed - pullup keeps pin high normally
        digitalWrite(ch1, LOW) ;
        digitalWrite(ch4, LOW) ;
        digitalWrite(ch5, LOW) ;
        digitalWrite(ch4, HIGH) ;
        digitalWrite(ch5, HIGH) ;
        if(digitalRead(ch3) == HIGH)
          digitalWrite(ch1, HIGH);
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    10 Discussions


    Question 23 days ago

    What is the use of ch1, it should be connected to pin 6 , but in the diagram pin 6 is not used at all!
    ch 1 is mentioned in the code several times, so what has to be changed??

    Sohaib Ahmad

    Question 1 year ago on Step 5

    Sir pls tell me ... which type of relays you used with aurdino...1 is simple relay module...but I can't understand the other 2...


    1 year ago

    Is this a one relay module or 2 relay module...nd pls tell me that the 3 small relays are same ,


    2 years ago

    pin 6 ch 1 not conection ????????


    3 years ago

    Dear Awais.

    Is this ATS fully functional and working?

    1 reply
    baseer ahmad

    3 years ago

    dear add servo motor instead of stepper motor work fine with these g/r

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Third and a half - we pull the choke out briefly while cranking, then push it in.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    I will try to put step motor in it. For the chock

    Thanks for telling me the mian part because we run generator on gas so we cant need to change the possition of

    Thanks for feedback