Automatic Incense Snuffer, Make Your Incense Last Longer.




Introduction: Automatic Incense Snuffer, Make Your Incense Last Longer.

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A simple incense snuffer to fit a box type burner. Makes the Nag Champa last longer.

Sometimes when you just want to freshen up you room you light an incense stick meaning to let it burn for a few min and then put it out, you either forget and find that the room is now lue with smoke. here is a quick and simple way of making a snuffer that to can move along the tray of you burner so that only the exact amount you want will burn.

All you need is a short cutting of 15mm copper pipe. in my case 30mm long.

the only tool used is a file, or grinder / sander even wet and dry sandpaper would do and a pair of pliers.

I discovered this nice little tip when i can home from work at the hardware store with a small cutting of 15mm copper pipe in my pocket, a customer had handed it to me and asked for a pipe fitting to fit that and I he never took it back. Later that evening i went to light an incense stick and fished the pipe out of my pocket when looking for my lighter and the idea was born mainly because it was an exact fit to the burner i had.

Its not much but it works, a box of Nag Champa does fro ages now.

Thanks for looking, I hope you like this idea.


Step 1: Cut Some Copper Pipe.

First cut the copper pipe until it fits into the tray of your incense burner box.

Use the pliers to squeeze a flat part along the length of the pipe. this will make the pipe sit better in the tray when finished.

Once to have the flat made you need to grind away some of the top of the snuffer to allow the lid of the box to close.

once the lid can close over the snuffer without catching its job done, give the pipe a rub with wire wool or a brillo pad to shine it up and remove any rough edges or burrs from cutting.

Step 2: Useing the Snuffer.

Place the snuffer in the tray of the burner and insert an incense stick.

Move the snuffer to the point you want to burn, theres is about an inch showing in the picture.

Light the incense and once it is going close the lid.

The incense will now burn down until it touches the copper pipe and all its heat is zapped by the copper, at this point it will go out saving the rest of the stick for later and not making so much smoke that you need to open the window.

Thanks for looking at my simple idea, hope you like it.


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    9 years ago on Introduction

    what also works is rapping a stripp of al foil around the stick to where you want to burn , much cheaper too

    Dr Qui
    Dr Qui

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    No, its wasteful of foil, and foil is one of those high energy cost products that we should avoid wasting, Plus ou have to buy a roll of foil, I picked this out of a scrap pipe bin at the hardware store for free.

    Dr Qui
    Dr Qui

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction


    Just happened by chance, i would have all rinds of odd things in my pockets when I worked in the hardware store like nuts bolts and screws with no threads, the bit that was the hole in a washer, washers with no hole s etc, these are in the boxes but you cant sell them, i kept anything fun or interesting for my own projects.