Automatic Inventory and Logistics Analysis (Intel IoT)

Our idea was to make a device that keeps the user updated about her home inventory at all times using a load sensor, and then also connect it to an automatic inventory ordering system like Amazon.

We used Edison for interfacing with the load sensor and IBM cloudant for storing inventory data over the cloud. We also created a web interface to view the current inventory over any cloud hosted service.

loadsensor.tar.gz - This is the project that interfaces with the Intel Edison board to capture values from the load sensor using an analog value sensor between 0-5 Volts and then send that data to an IBM Cloudant service. Most of the important code is in the file main.js

loadsensorui2.tar.gz - This is the project that reads that polls values in the IBM Cloudant service and displays them in a table. Most of the important code is in the file src/connect.js

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    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your first project!