Automatic Lawn Mowing (Cutting Grass Into Circles)




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Lawn mowing could be a little bit borring (especially when You do it every two or one week), but even in this work it is a place for a some improvement. With a simple use of rope and lawn mower You can make beautigul circles on Your lawn. Grass will cut itself, without You.

What will be needed ?

Lawn mower (on gasoline, not electric one)



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Step 1: Preparation

First step You have to make is to ensure that lawn mower won't jam. I recommend to block ejection hole with some string.

Step 2: Pin and Rope

Second step is to put the pin in the ground and attache to it the rope.

Pin should not be very thick becous You will get spirals instead of circles.

Rope should be as long as possible.

Step 3: Rope and Lawn Mower

Attach the rope to the lawn mower. Best place to do that is the front of the device. If You do it wrong, the mower will try to escape from the circle and it won't cut the circle at all.

One more thing. Be carefull where You tide the rope. You don't want to broke anything and take in mind that the engine will get hot.

Now the last step to do. Start the engine and block the gas pedal with duct tape. That's all. You are ready to rest during the lawn mower will do all the work alone ;-)

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    2 years ago

    Will this work if i attach the rope to a tree?


    2 years ago