Automatic Mini Snow Machine for Your Movies

This is the Automatic Mini Snow Machine.
Yes you can also make your own affordable snow machine with least components. With project you can do a lot of hacks. Just put some ice inside the box instead of foam balls so make it an affordable AC. You can also turn it into a vaccuum cleaner by just reversing the wires of the motor. You can also make it into an Airsoft Air Gun.
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Parental Guidance may be needed for this project.
Be Safe.

Now let's start making this project.


Step 1: Materials Required...

For making this project you need -

  • A 12v DC Motor
  • A Propeller
  • A cardboard tube
  • A Box
  • Some glue
  • A 12 v DC Adapter with it's port
  • Foam balls
  • A Hobby Knife
  • Glue Gun

Step 2: Make a Hole in the Center of the Lid of the Box

First Make a Hole in the Center of the Lid of the Box.

Step 3: Cardboard Tube

Now take the cardboard tube and cut it into a 3" piece with the help of a hobby knife.

Step 4: Cutting Holes in the Box.

Now cut holes for cardboard tube and adapter port in the box.

Then fit the tube in it's place and seal it in place with super glue.

Step 5: Fixing Some More Components

Now add the motor to the lid and then add the adapter jack.

Now add the propeller to the motor shaft.

For the circuit you just connect the motor's +ve to +ve of the adapter port and do vice-versa.

Step 6: Finish

Now put some foam balls in the box, and the lid and then it's ready.

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