Automatic Night Egg Lamp

Introduction: Automatic Night Egg Lamp

About: I am Amal p.k From Kerala,South India.

My name is Amal p.k. This is a cheap night lamp.From an egg.Lets get started.

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Step 1: Materials.

A cup
An led
Egg shell
Plastic leaves and flowers.
Sticky tape
Soldering iron with led

Step 2: Assembling

Fill the cup with little soil.connect the battery with wires,connect it to less.make sure that the led lights.cut any wire from centre,this will be the switch.keep the battery in soil and cover it with soil.take outside the cutted wire.join it,the led will light...

Step 3: Final Step.

Fix the plastic pipe in soil as glue the led in egg shell.(make a hole for it)
Fix it on the other end of the pipe.compress the soil by pressing it.solder the led.Be careful with the egg shell.fix the plastic leaves on it.

Step 4: Making It Automatic

Here is the circut.connect the two wires in place of less.Use a 4v battery it.cover the ldr with a black it won't get the reflection from the led.That's all.....

Step 5: Conclusion can add few more leds.etc.enjoy it in your night time,you can make it rechargeable...etc.Thank you for reading.

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