Automatic Night Light

Introduction: Automatic Night Light

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Howdy tech lovers....
Here i am with a solution to your everyday problem of switching the lawn/street lights off in morning and powering them again at night.....
An AUTOMATIC Light....

It can switch on during night and turn off during the day ...
So lets get started...

Step 1: Requirements

1. A Breadboard/Puffboard
2. Some L.E.D.s
3. Resistor (680ohms)
4. Resistor (2-5k ohms)
5. A n-p-n transistor BC 547
6. A battery (9-12 volts)
7. A L.D.R.
8. Jumper Cables M to M (for breadboard)
9. Brain

Step 2: The Circuit

In the last is a photograph of what you have to build....
I would be uploading the Video soon...

Step 3: Thank You

All the Best.....
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    3 years ago

    Neat idea.

    But - the resistors in your parts list do not match the values shown in your schematic.

    Could you please clarify?



    Reply 3 years ago

    Used the same schematic but changed resistor values.

    Based on the diagram - I used a 33k ohm resistor in-place of 680k ohm resistor in series with the LDR and used a 470 ohm resistor in place of the 1k ohm resistor.

    Also used a 3xAAA battery pack.

    Then it works.

    Young scientist
    Young scientist

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you