Automatic Sponge Twister

Introduction: Automatic Sponge Twister

This invention will help you clean your tables on a lazy day, or could help stay at home parents with wrist arthritis! some people, like myself, hate to be told "put some muscle into it" when sponging, so this invention will provide he muscle.

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Step 1: Prepare Supplies

-empty mini pringle box

-multicolored wires

-Super Speed Hobby Motor

-2 Fully Insulated Snap Connectors

- 2 9V batteries (the motor takes up a max of 18 Volts)

-Rocker Switch

-Hot glue Gun

-Wire Stripper

-an Exactoknife

-an old ruler

- A sponge

Step 2: Connect the Circuit and Attach to Container

- Connect side of wire to metal of motor (use wire strippers to take off insulation)

- Curl wires up (do this every time you connect a wire in order to secure positioning)

- Connect one wire from each of the snap corrector wires to the other metal piece of motor.

- Make two holes in the pringle box with your knife, two vertical holes for the switch to go through.

- Hot Glue gun the switch through the hole.

- Connect the second wires from the snap connector to one of the metal attachments of the switch.

- Attach the last loose wires to the second metal piece of the switch.

- Make a hole at the bottom of the box for the spinning piece of the motor to poke through.

- Attach the batteries, feel free to hot glue gun to the outsides to give more space to work inside.

- Hot Glue the ruler in position that provides comfortable grip.

Step 3: Step 3: Try Out Invention

Step 4:

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