Automatic Titrator




In this instructible you will learn how to build a simple titrator.
I wont be going into detaill but ill just globally describe how to construct the parts.

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Step 1: Materials

  • An Arduino
  • A steppermotor
  • A steppermotor driver
  • An LCD keypad shield
  • A syringe
  • materials for the casing(we used aluminum and acrylic plates but you can use whatever you want)

Step 2: Assembly

Connect the steppermotor with the motorcontroller to the Arduino according to the picture above.

Attach the steppermotor to the syringe in such a way that every rotation moves the syringe a little bit. (see 2nd picture)

You can make the casing however you want. We chose for aluminum with acrylic plates on the sides.

Step 3: Programming

To program the steppermotor and the LCD with the buttons you need two pieces of code.

I put them in seperately and also combined them into a simple example program to show how you can use the code. The example program makes the steppermotor start running if you press the right button and will stop running if you press the left button. It will also show "running" on the LCD screen while the motor is running.

With these basics you can make really complex programs.

Step 4: Customisation

With this knowledge you can fully customise your titrator to suit your needs.

I hope you enjoyed this instructible

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    Nice DIY lab equipment. Cheaper than commercial equipment and faster than hand tools.