Automatic Water Sprinkler - Arduino Time Specific Relay Trigger

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These fundamentals become of a major use when it comes to gardening and storing water. Automatic water sprinklers and water storing techniques have indeed become a in-differentiable part of not just rural but urban India as well. These devices have created much scope in farming and different practices. In this blog we are going to learn how to trigger a relay with Arduino for a specific time.

Components Required -:

Various components required for the making of project are -:

Applications -:

  • Automatic Water Sprinklers
  • Supplying Water in our water tank at specific time.

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Step 1: Making Connections/Schematics

Make connections according to the given schematics.

Step 2: Setting the Current Time in the Real Time Clock

Working with RTC requires two important steps-:

  • Setting the current time so that the RTC knows what time it is.
  • Retaining the time so that the RTC always gives the correct time even when it is turned off.

Step 3: Amending and Uploading of Code

Make significantly required changes in the code before uploading it.

  • Set the ON and OFF time of both relays.

After making the required changes then upload the code.

Click here for the code

Step 4: Check Working

Both the relays will trigger according to their set time. Hence check the working of relay triggers according to the time set by you in the code.

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    It looks like you forgot to include the schematic in your schematic step. :D

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