Automatic Wire Cutter and Stripper




Introduction: Automatic Wire Cutter and Stripper

A desktop machine that will measure out a length of wire and strip a length from either end.

To create lengths of wire that fit perfectly into an electronics breadboard. (we produce kits and you can only hand cut and strip so many wires before you go crazy)

This is also the first item in a concept is working on dubbed "open manufacturing" or "micro-manufacturing" we're still discussing the name. (more to follow)

It breaks down into three parts
1. Wire Feeder - This feeds the wire in measured lengths forwards and backwards (uses a stepper motor)
2. Wire Stripper - This runs an exacto knife blade around the insulation of the wire twice. (uses a small servo motor and normal sized servo motor)
3. Wire Snipper - Snips the wire at the end. (uses a pair of wire cutters and a cheap handheld drill motor)

(I fear a full instructable for something so niche seemed like a little bit of overkill, but if you'd like to make your own the files I used can be found here: )



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    This is not really an instructable but rather just showing off what you did. It is certainly cool but with no details on ANYTHING, it kindof sucks. And you have the exact same lack of information on thingiverse.

    You should post details so that people can benefit from your engineering.

    Have you ever figured a way to strip double-stranded wire? Like speaker-cale for example....

    Super cool. Good job, and way cheaper than buying a factory made one. I actually used to own one of these for a wire business we ran about a decade ago. It was something like this but I don't even remember what we had to pay for it. Looks like your post also shows up here. I;m going to give this project a try. Again, cool video. Nicely done. 

    Absolutely amazing engineering!!! Exqusitely cool. If you could take the time to make a full instructable, I think it would be fantastic, and very well recieved.
    Keep up the good work!

    veeery nice, but its a bit too large for my tool box aha

    Can you email me the specifications
    my email is

    speed not matter because you just let the machine do its work and by the time you would run out of wires you would have many more to replace because it looks like it dumps in the box it self and does it all again
    i think this is great but i give one thing you could improve so this great machine will last longer there is a servor that is on that rotor that moves forwards and reverse the servo cables twist very tight if you get make a pcb with some 3 circles and some nice brush contacts you will not have to worrie about it and it easy to do. but great job.

    can u please post how to make this     I really need it

    I appreciate the spirit, but man...all that noise! It would of been neat to see the machine working more in detail. Fun to build, but easier to buy precut wires (cheaper and faster as well.)

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    Dang you got some major time on your hands! What is your profession if you don't mind me asking?

    I thought it was waaaaay overkill until I read the "Why?" It's nice to have things in perspective. cool.

    Cool. But GOD I hate you tube's compression quality!!