Automatic Baby Booger Sucker... or Mucus Evacuation Device

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Ever had that screaming irritated little kid that wouldn't go to sleep; mainly because they couldn't breath? One day I was in just such a situation... and being the inventive guy I am I decided to do something about it.

I had this idea, as many of you might have, when my daughter was sick and very little. Why not suck the boogers out that are making sleeping so hard? I enhanced the booger removal system for the next generation so you will have better results.

UPDATE: I have since given up on this. I found a strange vacuum device (See image) that is for vacuum sealing little lunch bags. It works great. Sucks the nose clean. Helped on many a sleepless night! And it's really gross, the clear bit at the end will get full of boogers.

UPDATE #2: I have discovered that he classic green booger sucker... is't for sucking boogers. It's for washing them out! Who knew? (See video)

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Step 1: Finding the Equipment

If you have a kid you probably have three or four of these things sitting around.

  1. Booger sucker (nasal aspirator)
  2. Vacuum with hose
  3. Hearing protection (for kid)
  4. Kid with boogers


  1. Open door in back of booger sucker, if yours is the closed kind, cut out hole in end.
  2. Place vacuum hose over open end of booger sucker
  3. Get ready
  4. Hearing protection on kid
  5. Turn on vacuum
  6. Put point end of booger sucker in kids nose
  7. Listen to boogers leaving.

Step 2: Whooho... No More Boogers

This is a remarkably easy thing to do and works so well I should probably have an infomercial... but I digress.
With the hearing protection firmly in place on kid turn on vacume and insert the pointy end of the booger sucker into the kids nose.

You will hear a whining sound from the vacuum and another sound... happy kid with clear nasal passage.

Takes only seconds and wallah... no more boogers!

Why do you put hearing protection on the kids?
Good question.
I did this with my daughter and it worked great! Problem was she was then horrified of the vacuum so it was a one time deal. Did it with my son, put on hearing protection, he didn't really care.

Remember works with kids of all ages! Or you might want to use the booger sucker for what it's supposed to... a booger irrigation device to wash the boogers out.

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