Automatic Reminder/warning Using Audio Greeting Card

Introduction: Automatic Reminder/warning Using Audio Greeting Card

My kids are always leaving the side garage door open when they take out trash or recyclables and I'm always yelling at them to close the door because It could be a way for some undesirable/varmint to get in and sometimes it gets really cold/hot/rainy and I have some tools and equipment that may be affected by it. I just want it kept closed okay?
 So last Mothers day we were in Hallmark and I got an idea to automatically remind someone to close the door using one of those audio greeting cards.You can use this on any door even a fridge to belittle you when your getting that midnight snack.You have to use the kind of card that you can record your own voice not the pre-recorded type.

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Step 1: Parts/tools Needed:

Record your own greeting card about $5.00-7.00
magnetic reed switch (shown) like the kind they use on burglar alarms (fry's or other electronics store about $3.50)
(optional) candy tin or small project box
some extra stranded wire 20-24 gauge or thereabouts
wire cutters
soldering gun/solder

Step 2: Remove the Tab

This one has this tab. Remove it so your recording stays on the chip. You can record a new message or warning any time.

Step 3: Tear Open the Card Carefully

Step 4: Remove Board and Components

Carefully remove from card this one had hot glue and double back tape.See the contact on the upper right?  When it is opened and closed it activates recording carefully bend them apart so that they no longer touch. You will solder a wire to each one. Sorry I forgot to get a close up but you'll see what I mean. I cut the top part of the contact back so I could solder to the lower one the is still plenty to solder to on the top part.

Step 5: Candy Tin

I put the little board in a small round candy tin I had laying around and hot glued it to the wall but you don't have to. you can also use an altoids tin. I notched a place for the speaker wire to come out. I drilled a small hole the run the wires out to the reed switch. I  wired the reed switch to be normally open when the door is closed. The switch closes when the two halves come apart (opening the door) and the recording starts.

Step 6: Speaker to the Lid

Using a tin and gluing the speaker to the lid actually made it a little louder make sure you don't get glue on the moving part of the speaker or plug the little holes on the back of it. use a little extra glue to give some space under the speaker so it can breath.

Step 7: Side View

Terrible pic sorry, cell phone camera I left about an 8th inch of space between speaker and lid.

Step 8: Watch It in Action

To record your message the switch must be closed  which in this case the door is open
See it in action

I hope the kids listen to it better than they listen to me.
Have fun with this.

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