Automatically Start Programs in Windows 10

In Windows 10 the program startup folder has disappeared from the start menu. I will show you the steps to get to that folder and how to launch programs automatically on startup in Windows 10.

Step 1: Open File Explorer Folder

Step 2: Select 'This PC'

Step 3: Select the Drive Your Windows 10 Is On

This is usually your C Drive

Step 4: Select 'Users', Then the User Account You Want the Program to Start When Windows 10 Starts

Step 5: Open the 'App Data' Folder

Under View check 'Hidden Items' to show the 'App Data' Folder

Step 6: Folders to Go Thru to Get to the Startup Folder

Open the Roaming Folder

Open the Microsoft Folder

Open the Windows Folder

Open the Start Menu Folder

Open the Programs Folder

Open the Startup Folder

Step 7: Add a Shortcut or Any File That You Want to Open to This Startup Folder

*NOTE* Any program / file that requires administrative rights will not automatically launch this way.

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    2 years ago

    Great info! Thanks for sharing your video, as well as the written steps. Welcome to instructables! :)

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you and I look forward to creating more on my instructables page.