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Introduction: Space Key Prank

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Hello, good people of Oz....! I mean, Instructables!

This prank was thought up when I was in the computer lab of my school. Our teacher was on a leave, so it was a time to rejoice. So me and my friends created pranks to be played on other students, to be kinged as the emperor of prank land. And, yes, I won!

You can also be a part of my victory through following this i'ble.


You can just download the file to play this prank or you can create one yourself.
If you choose the latter, then you can even create different hotkeys for USEFUL purposes.

For closing it, go over to step 6.

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Step 1: You Will Need:

@1 A computer (windows). I dont know about Mac, but the process should be the same with a few exceptions.
@2 A working internet connection.
@3 A mouse
@4 This I'ble!

Step 2: Downloading Stuff...

This prank was created using AutoHotKey. you can download it over here. The link will be opened in a new tab.
Installation done? Move on to the next step.

Step 3: The Script

Creating a new AutoHotkey is easy. Just Right Click> New> AutoHotkey script.
It will create a 'H' icon on your desktop. Right click > Edit script. It will open in notepad.

Read the instructions and then delete them. {Ctrl + A and Delete.}

Type the following into it. Or just copy and paste. Duh.


Save the file by closing the file and pressing 'save'.

Step 4: Compiling Into .exe File

If the file is in notepad format, then just Right click> Open With> AutoHotkey.

Just right click the 'H' icon and press 'Compile script' to convert the script into a .exe file.

HOLA! The prank is ready!

Step 5: Attack!

In our school's lab, all the computers are connected to the main computer. All the computers are accessible by other computers. So I put this file on every computer and ran it.

When you run the file, (by double clicking it, Duh.) nothing will happen. But go to any text editor and you will see the magic of your hard work!

Step 6: To End This.

The old way works like a charm. Press ctrl+shift+esc,which will open the task manager. Press the first letter of the prank file after heading to the 'Processes' tab. Search for your prank file and then click 'end process'.

Step 7: That's All Folks!

Hope you like this I'ble!
That's me!

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