Automatic High Power Garden Lamp ( Using Waste )




Introduction: Automatic High Power Garden Lamp ( Using Waste )

About: Hello, I'm Tharinda Uthpala , From Srilanka

It Is very easy to make but its more bright light than any other. You can make it for very cheap price

Step 1: What You Need...

1) 12v 3w(200mah) solar panel or 2pcf of 6v (200mah) solar panels ( you can buy it from local shop of buy it from online shopping site)

2) 12pcs of 5730 or 2835 smd chips ( I got it from burn out Chinese led bulb)

3) 2pcs of 18650 battery about 3000mah ( i got it from old laptop battery)

4) 2pcs of 18650 battery holders

5) Plastic water of Drinks Bottle

6) Dot board

7) D880 or BC547 transistor

8) 1pcs of 10K preset

9) 1N4007 diode
10) 1000Mf 50v capacitor

11) wires and soldering wires

12) Glass plate

13) plastic box

14) super glue , blade & tapes

thats all you need.........

Step 2: Making ...

First you need to make the circuit as the picture shown

in this i used 1N4007 diode

and 12 pcs of 5730 smd chips

you can adjust the 10k preset for changing light sensitive

if you use 2pcs of 6v solar panels wire them serial type

The battery is self protected from discharge because a white led can't
turn on with less than about 3V(in this i wired 2 leds serial it means they need about 6v), and it's overcharge protected because the solar panel is about 12V 200mah , and the maximum battery voltage is about 8V 3000mah it can cover 15hours day time.(its more than the real sunny day time)

Step 3: After Finishing Circuit...

Thats how i complete it so you can change parts as you wish but care fully use more suitable parts otherwise it can damage other parts..

i use D880 but you can try it with BC547

and also you can see how i made that circuit using bc547 very simply

the special thing is you no need LDR or other things to identify light in this it just use transistor as switch.

solar panel use as the self light sensor

Step 4: Finalizing.....

After completing the circuit and other parts

you can and this components in a plastic container or any other suitable box

after that you can add that solar light to a metallic (like Aluminium) pipe

then you can place it outdoor .........

In a Normal sunny day it can lit up to 12 hours

Special Notes

* if you place it out door please place all components water proof casing

* please recheck the circuit before placing the batteries

Step 5: How I Made...

you can see i used half of a plastic bottle and plastic box to make light casing

and i mounted it on a aluminium pipe and also i pale glass plate on the solar panel to protect it from environmental effects & ensure long life

Step 6: How Can You Improve...

Those all lights i used the similar technology to made them. just change the bulb colours & casing

How Can You Improve

  • You can add PIR sensors and other suitable sensors to this circuit
  • You can change the colours of the bulbs & casing
  • You can change the sizes & hight

Enjoy it and modify it in creative way to make it better.

thanks every one...

If you have any problem place a comment ill help you to fix it..

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    3 years ago

    tharinda are you sri lankan


    Reply 3 years ago



    3 years ago

    I like this and have voted for it. The main items i like is in which you have saved the landfill most of the spent light bulb, have brains enough to think this idea up and recycle in a positive way. Everybody wins!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you very much for voting me & im happy with your comment. i also like to make green energy products using wast . In these days im making more biger and more creative solar light when i complete it i hope to share it with all..