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I am always fascinated by the leaves changing colors in autumn.Specially the Ahorn leaves.I hate this season because of the rain and wind,in the mean time I love to see the golden colors of the leaves.Every year I make some thing nice with these beautiful Ahorn leaves.Unfortunately I do not have  step by step pictures to upload in this site.Now that I came to know this site  I decided to publish what I  make this year.I am so happy that it turned out very well and gives a nice atmosphere and a  romantic feeling  in our  living area, where I spend a lot of time in the evenings.On a cold windy night I switch off all the lights and have only this glow on while watching the television.

Step 1: Supplies

Dried  Twigs
A long Vase
Cellotape -not in picture
Brown and green wire tapes
Autumn Ahorn  leaves in shaded colours
Decorative lights 
Metal Wire (option)

Step 2: Gather Twigs

I gathered these twigs some times back before the rainy season.

Step 3: Collect Leaves

Now it is already rainy season and end of november,  it was  hard to find the beautiful golden colored leaves.The leaves had all fallen off the tree,they were wet.damaged and dry. Some how I managed to gather the last few golden colored leaves.

Step 4: Separate

Back home  I cleaned them up and separated in to different colors ,so that it is easy to choose the desired color leaf when I make the flowers.

Step 5: Assemble

Choose  the desired medium size  leaf that you want it  to be in the middle of the flower,fold inwards the right side facing upwad as shown in picture one.
Picture  two and three shows that it is folded from all sides.On the fourth picture you will see that I have rolled the folded  leaf to make a tiny bud.Following the rest of the pictures you will see that leaves are folded and added to the bud.

Step 6: Shading

If you want a lighter shade ,then fold inwards the wrong side facing upwads. Then you see the bud is in lighter color.

Step 7: Arrange

I arranged the twigs in my vase,and then attached the buds and flowers on the twigs with cello tape.You can also tape them to gether and then attach it to the twigs.See step 8

Step 8:

The green and yellow flowers are made in a different way.Only the middle of the flowers are folded and the rest of the leaves I just let them be as it is and taped them at the bottom before attaching with the twigs.

Step 9:

These  golden Autumn flowers looks amazing in my living room.

Step 10:

I placed the vase in a corner near  the plug point.

Step 11: Taping

 I bought this decorative  wire with 10 tiny bulbs at a flee market for €1. Since it  is a blue wire I taped the wire with brown tape so that  it will be the same color  as the twigs.The holder of the bulbs  I taped it with green.

Step 12: Display in Different Views

I passed the decorative  lights through the twigs and plugged it on.Wow it looks amazing.
Thank you fo taking time to see my project,and if you think it is good enough please caste your stars and votes for me.

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    5 years ago

    this is beautiful...!I love those shades.. :)

    1 reply

    6 years ago on Introduction

    I love this,unfortunately there is no autumn in our country.