Autumn Themed Mixed Media Jean Pillow




Cut the thigh area out from one leg of old jeans in approximately 15" square for the front base and another piece of a back pocket area to add for interest.  I stitched on a fabric transfer image of one of my computer graphics on the pocket and did various designer stitches around that and when attaching the piece with the pocket to the base square.  I used some vintage fabric for the backing to contrast and had a piece left over that I added to give the jean side more color.  You can add whatever you have to give it an autumn appearance.  I also used a silk flower in orange and cut out another small fabric transfer of a sunflower for the center of the flower.  I added some left over grapevine fabric for a tie belt appearance and laced it through the belt tabs and sewed it in place.

(Sorry this instructable does not have enough action shots)

Step 1: After Decorating the Face

Place the pillow fabrics right sides together and stitch on the 3 sides.  Turn right side out and put the pillow form in.  Used a 14" x 14" for this pillow.  Then hand stitch the open end shut.  If you were making a washable pillow cover, you can always have a side zipper (soon to come) but this is not washable, nor is it the type anyone will be drooling on, so washing it will not be an issue.



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