Autumn Tree





1. Crinkle Paper

2. Computer Paper

3. Pencil Color

4. Binding Wire (Iron Wire)

5. Glue

6. Scissors

7. Wire Cutter

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Step 1: Basic / Making the Trunk and Branches Basic / Making the Trunk and Branches

1. Cut a bunch of 15 wires of 16 inches.

2. Cut a bunch of 18 wires of 21 inches.

3. Joint both bunch and twist it and make main trunk.

4. Split the wires to make the main branches and twist them too.

5. Again split for some small branches.

Step 2:

Roll Crinkle Paper on the wire trunk and branches.

Step 3: Tree Without Leaves

You can use this tree for decoration without leaves.

Step 4: Making the Autumn Leaves

1. Draw the autumn leaves on computer paper.

2. Cut these leaves.

3. Paste these leaves on the tree.

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