Aux Cable Installation for a Cabasse Auditorium 6CD System - Fitted in Renault Cars




Introduction: Aux Cable Installation for a Cabasse Auditorium 6CD System - Fitted in Renault Cars

This instructable is to help anyone with a Cabasse Auditorium 6CD player system installed in their car, these are usually installed in Renaults as the 'upgraded' sound system.

Its a misconception that the head unit (non ICE people - this is the bit stuck into the dash board) is standard, and like most head units contains both the CD mechanism, the radio and amp....this isnt true! The 'head unit' is actually just the CD player and control buttons, the rest of the equipment is located under the driver (in the UK) or passenger (US/Europe) seat (please note this is the setup in Clio's, however it may be in the boot for other models).

If you want to replace the head unit of the car you will find its very difficult, the reason for this is that all of the ISO connectors (non ICE people - these are the bog standard connectors found on most car head units) are actually located under the seat by the main amp and the 'head unit' actually only has one proprietary link going from it to under the seat - which is no use at all to a normal amp!

So....when I got my car with this lovely 'upgraded' sound system it meant I couldnt replace the head unit, booooo :(, so I needed to find a way that I could plug my iPod into it (or any other sound device, Tomtom etc etc).

You will need:

1 - A Cabasse Auditorium 6CD system!
2 - A computer internal CD audio lead - these can be found in any old pc, or can be bought at a hardware store for less than a pound
3 - A normal audio lead
4 - An electrical connector block
5 - Some time (about an hour)
6 - A torx screwdriver or heads

Read on and enjoy!


Nb:/ Thanks to kleen on for the initial info on this

Step 1: Locate & Remote Amp/Radio

This is located under the drivers seat.

1 - Pull off outer cover
2 - Use 4 nails (!) or a cut piece of metal coathanger and push them firmly into the four holes at the front of the unit
3 - Pull the amp/radio out

Step 2: Remove the Connector

1 - Pull up the clip holding the connector in place
2 - Slide off the grey cover
3 - There are two strips of connectors - leave the one with the wires in there - this is needed!
4 - On the side of the connector gently prise the stips on the side of the connector at the side of the empty strip
5 - Gently pull out the empty strip
6 - Use a screwdriver to clean the holes out at the bottom of the connector (this isnt totally neccesary, but I found it easier to make sure the new connectors firmly make contact with the pins)

Step 3: Prepare the New Aux Lead

1 - Take the audio cable and splice it open so all 3 sheaths are clean
2 - Do the same with the CD lead
3 - Use a knife to pull any connectors off the side of the CD lead
4 - Prepare the cable (DONT join it yet though!) :

For the audio lead to work you need the 3 wires connected, on the CDrom cable you have 3 wires these will be used as:
Lead 1 - Ground - this needs to be connected to the ground of the audio lead
Lead 2 - Right audio signal
Lead 3 - Left audio signal
(fyi I dont care about the stereo being the right way round so didnt mind getting lead 2 & 3 the wrong way round)

On the audio lead you will have 3 wires, one of these is likely to be a shield wire (ie not wrapped in its own cover within the cable), this is the audio ground and will need to be connected to lead one on the CD cable

Step 4: Remove the Centre Console

I decided to put my audio lead in the console by the handbrake, however put it wherever you want in the car!

1 - Remove the gear stick cover thing - it pops off from the front
2 - Remove the handbrake cover - it pops off from the back
3 - Take out the two torx screws at the back of the centre console
4 - Take out the two torx screws near the gear stick
5 - Pull up the centre console

Step 5: Drill the Hole & Install the Cable

1 - Drill the hole where you want the cable to come from
2 - Pull the cable through
3 - Tie a knot in the cable under the console so it cant be pulled out and screw the whole thing up!
4 - Pull the wire through under the carpet so it appears by the stereo

WATCH OUT - make sure you install the lead where it wont get in the way of the handbrake, gearstick or any other workings of the car.

Step 6: Wire It All Up!

1 - Connect the wires together in a connector block.
2 - Push the CD lead onto the connector pins - make sure :
a. The one wire on its own (out of the 3 on the CD lead) goes over the pin closest to the aerial on the stereo
b. It fits firmly in place
3 - Slide the grey cover back over the plug
4 - Pull the plastic handle back over the connector so its held firmly in place

Step 7: Enable the Aux Input

1 - Click on expert mode
2 - Enable the aux input (press the + button on the stereo)

NB:/ Dont use auto as it wont work with this setup.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Job done!



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    If you follow the instructions hes given its a very simple job if you can solder. If anyone needs any help you can email me: ben@metattitude dot com


    2 years ago

    Thanks for this,

    I managed to get it working and now have a Aux lead in my car :)

    For reference I used Molex C-Grid III housings ( and crimps (

    Lucky for me my work has a crimp tool for this but I think if you are careful you can use some needle nose pliers.



    Hi mate!

    Brilliant demo. I'm just having one problem with the connector block - I have never done anything like this before ha!

    Am I connecting the audio CD wires in a connector block and then connecting the CD wires to the pins? If so, what do you use to connect the CD wires to the pins now we've taken the grey connector out that was in there before?

    Really appreciate your help.


    1 reply

    Hi Fred,

    sadly I sold my clio a few years ago so cant check anymore. Take a look at the photos, you need a flat black connector from a PC, this then connects into the pins on the back of the head unit. Sadly all I've got is the pictures to remember


    Hi! Great work! I have been wanting to mod my 2006 Scénic, which has a Cabasse audio system, and although the A/C and fan controls are exactly alike, the head unit is nothing like yours. Mine has no "expert" button. Do you think I can find it somewhere else?

    1 reply


    sadly I sold my Renault a year or two ago, best of luck hunting


    does the 3.5mm lead and the pc cd-rom lead need to be soldered together to create the custom cable? or is it enough to twist the wires to connect them and wrap in electrical tape?

    I'de like to do this to my 2006 Clio Dynamique, could you be a bit more specific with what I will need?
    "Normal audio lead" - 3.5 to 3.5 cable?
    "A computer internal CD audio lead" - ?
    "Electrical connector block" - ?

    Just a bit more detail would be GREAT!

    1 reply


    just any audio lead thats got a 3.5m jack at one end, the other end you'll cut off to put into the connector block



    It works perfectly! Very clear tutorial. I can finally listen to music from my Samsung Galaxy SII in my Renault Megane II! Many many thanx!!
    You da bomb!

    thank you very much, just completed the job myself and the guide was 100%. it made a job which i would'nt have been able to do on my own very simple.

    Excellent advice and tutorial. This has saved me many hours of trying to figure this out! Followed the instructions as suggested and i'm now ipodding away in the car! Even the renault forums did not have as good advice as this!

    Thank you! :)

    1 reply

    What a silly place to install a head unit!! I always know Renaults were odd, but this takes the biscuit!!! Nice workaround mod though... :)

    This is a very nice Instructable thus far. Please add a main image.