Avocado Rejuv. Mask

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These 4 natural  ingredients will free your skin of unwanted oils, tighten skin, minimize pores, decreases the appearances of scars and so much more!!

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Step 1: You Will Need 4 Natural Ingredients

~ 1 egg white
~ 1 teaspoon honey
~ 1 whole avocado
~1 tablespoon lemon juice

The benefiting facts of these 4 Natural ingredients

* Avocado decreases the appearance of aging and evens dry or oily skin.

* Egg white is protein enriched so it helps minimize large pores and draws excess oil from pores.

* Honey moisturizes skin.

* Lemon juice minimizes the appearances of scars.

~Hallow avocado & smash until mush. Add honey, lemon juice, and egg white. Mix thoroughly.

Step 2: Apply the Mask

~ Apply avocado mixture through out face and neck with an upward circular motion using index and middle finger.

~  WARNING Keep mask mixture away from eyes!!

~Allow avocado rejuvenation mask to sit for 15 - 20 minutes or until mask feels stiff. The longer the better because the honey needs to seep into skin & lemon juice to take effect.

~ WARNING WARNING messy but FUN !!

Step 3: Hot Towel Please!!

~ Soak a towel under hot water and let cool for a moment, ring out excess hot water from towel.

~ Apply damp hot towel onto neck and bottom of face, gently work your way up towards forehead removing avocado mask slowly but surely.

~Your skin should feel fresh and tight!! Enjoy =D

Creator's Note;

* Not only was my skin tight and incredibly soft but  I noticed my acne scars reduced immensely!! This avocado mask is wonderful & highly recommend you give your skin a avocado treatment.

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