Average Box to Mirror With Lights!



Introduction: Average Box to Mirror With Lights!

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Have you seen those mirrors with lights in the dressing rooms of stars? Now you can be the star with this mirror made with a BOX! Ready to learn how to make it? Let's do this!

Step 1: Materials



Battery led lights

Cold silicon

Spray primer

Spray paint

Glue gun

Cutting board (for crafts)


Carpenter's square



Step 2: Mark and Cut

We're going to be using the upper lid of the box.

Place the carpenter's square in one of the inner corners of the box and mark the vertex.

Use one of the sides of the carpenter's square to draw a line following the dot you just marked.

Cut the lines with the cutter.

Step 3: Triangles

Place the mirror in the box and notice the triangles that are missing in the corners.

Cut triangles from a spare box to fit your box.

Glue them using the glue gun.

Step 4: Mark

Put the mirror in your box and draw all the perimeter with the pencil.

Use the Cutter to mark those lines, do not cut them.

Step 5: Measure and Cut

Decide how many lights is your box going to have.

Draw little dots where the lights are going to be you can use a ruler to make the space between them equal.

Cut an X with the cutter in every single dot.

There are some lights that the little ball on them can come off but mine didn't. If yours is one of those you'll just need to cut a little X for the light to pass through. If the little ball is glued to the light, do as i did: 1.5x1.5cm X's.

Step 6: Paint

Paint a layer with the spay primer and let it dry.

Paint 2 layers (or 3) of the pink paint or the color you chose.

Let it dry perfectly.

Step 7: Put the Lights

Now that is painted you can put the lights from the inside out as shown in the pictures. Start with the last light of your string light.

Step 8: Glue Mirror

Use the cold silicon and put some glue in the cardboard where the mirror is going to be.

Place the mirror and press down to set it in place.

Let dry for around 4 hours.

Step 9: Battery Box

Use the other part of the box to put the battery inside and close it.

Now it's ready to be placed where you like it the most. Do you know someone who would like this? I'm sure my nieces will love this to play dress up!

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