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Here is a very simple technique for hiding screws.

I have a video on my YouTube channel showing the tip here:

All you need is:

  • Sharp Chisel
  • Hammer/Mallet
  • Wood Glue
  • Clamps
  • Drill & Screwdriver
  • Sander/Sand Paper
  • Screws

So lets get started.

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Step 1: Chisel Away the Wood

Choose where you want a screw to go. Hold the chisel at a very shallow angle to the wood where the screw is going to go. It might take a bit of practice so try it on some scraps first.

Tap the end of the chisel with you hammer/mallet very gently to start curling up a piece of wood. Continue this until you have enough room to drill and drive in your screw.

Step 2: Drill & Drive in the Screw

Drill a small pilot hole under the curl of wood you created.

Countersink the hole so the head of the screw will be below the surface of the wood when you drive it in.

Drive in the screw and make sure it is below the surface of the wood.

Step 3: Glue & Clamp

Add some wood glue underneath the curl of wood. It doesnt take alot. I tend to push down the curl to squeeze out the extra glue and clean it up before I add some clamps.

Fold down the curl flat and add some clamps to hold it while the glue dries. The edges are more important. Make sure they are pushed down to the rest of the wood.

Step 4: Sand & Done

When the glue is dry you can remove the clamps and sand it smooth.

I use a random orbital sander but by hand still works, it will just take longer.

I have demonstrated this technique on some scraps of softwood. I recently tried it on some hardwood and the results are even better. I tried Sapele & Oak. Oak is has a very brittle grain so you will need to be more careful while chiseling but it is still a really effective method for hiding the screws.

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    4 years ago

    You're way above average Joe. This is a great way for white-soft wood, any thoughts on hard woods?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you!I have used used both oak and sapele and they turned out really nice. I really cant see where the screw had been used :)