Avial - Veg Stew - How to Make Veg Stew

Avial - Veg stew

In Tamizh, the term avial does not denote a recipe but the process of boiling something. We can pretty much boil anything and make a stew out of it. In South India, avial usually refers to a vegetable stew made with coconut and yogurt. Even meats can be stewed in similar fashion but they are not as popular as the veg variant. Texture and flavours must go hand in hand in a recipe like this. You cannot possibly make a great tasting avial if you fail to get the texture right. So, how to get the best texture? Simple, do not add yogurt when the pot is hot! Whisk the curd to a smooth consistency in a pot at room temperature and gradually introduce heat to bring it to a mild simmer. Should you follow this technique, you yogurt will not churn and form lumps. As a result you are guaranteed to enjoy the best avial ever. Our recipe will yield 6 servings, with 348 kilocalories in each.


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