Avocado Gift Wrapping

Introduction: Avocado Gift Wrapping

Ok, so, here is how you can use an avocado as a gift box. I was given this idea when a friend of mine was obsessed over a vine where a little boy opens his Christmas gift, and it's an avocado. So, I'm giving her an "avocado" for Christmas! Let's get started.

Ok, so first, you take an avocado, open it, and scoop out the insides. Next you carefully rinse it out and dry it. Take your gift, (I used earrings) wrap it in a small amount of gifting tissue, and place it in one of the avocado shells. Put a small amount of super glue on one end, put the other half on top, and let dry. Carefully go along the seam of the avocado putting glue on the outside, but making sure it seeps through the cracks a little. Let it dry completely, wrap a bow around it, and voila! Have fun!

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    This has got to be one of the most creative gift wrapping jobs that I have ever seen.