Avocados With Fruit Syrup


Introduction: Avocados With Fruit Syrup

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Green fat with sweet fruit.

Step 1: Halve and Peel a Ripe Avocado

Select a nice, ripe avocado. I prefer to buy them hard, then let them soften on my kitchen windowsill. Any kind of avocado will do; this is a Fuerte avocado.
Cut your avocado in half, remove the pit, and gently peel off the skin. If the skin sticks, pare it off with a knife as necessary; take care to keep your avocado half looking sharp as it's going to have to stand up to scrutiny on its own.
Figure 1-2 halves per person, depending on what else you're serving.

Step 2: Concoct Fruit Syrup

This requires three things: fruit preserves, lemon or lime juice, and a sweetener.
Select any fruit preserves you like, so long as they're a nice color (red looks especially good) and contain chunks. I've had good luck with cherry, raspberry, and red currant.
Dissolve preserves into lemon or lime juice to achieve proper syrup consistency. Lemon juice will give a milder flavor, while the more acidic lime juice will require additional sweetener.
Add your sweetener of choice to taste. I prefer agave nectar because it is mildly flavored, isn't too sweet, has a good syrup consistency, and dissolves easily. You can also use honey, white sugar, brown sugar, or artificial sweeteners if you absolutely must. Molasses would overpower the fruit.
A tiny pinch of salt can help sharpen the flavors.

Step 3: Fill Avocados With Syrup, and Serve

Scoop fruit syrup into the seed hollow in each avocado, making sure to get some fruit chunks into each. Drizzle additional syrup over the cut surface, and allow extra to pool in the bottom of the bowl. You'll want more syrup than you can fit into the pit area.

For buffets, arrange filled avocados on a tray with enough of a lip to contain drips. The citrus in the syrup will keep the avocados from oxidizing. Serve with additional syrup on the side.



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    17 Discussions

    I'll bet maple syrple would be absolutely sublime as the sweetener component--and I mean REAL maple syrup, not that nasty fake stuff they sell to put on pancakes. Yes, it's spendy, but it's SO much better than the fake stuff. You don't need much, after all. And if you do want to use it, look for the "grade B" or "cooking grade" of it--it costs a tad less, but is darker and has a richer, more intense flavor than the "grade A". It's kind of odd, but there 'tis! Oh, and my hub and I have done cost camparisons, and Trader Joe's seems to have about the lowest price.

    ooh sounds nice! gonna have to try it.
    my family and i have avocados with sweetened condensed milk and its rly yum _

    1 reply

    Is there anything that doesn't taste good with sweetened condensed milk?

    Do you add anything else? How do you serve it?

    delicious! something else to do with avocados rather than my old standby avocado smoothie.

    1 reply

    I've never made one of those. What else goes in an avocado smoothie?

    A variation on this that a friend taught me eons ago: instead of filling the avocado with fruit syrup, fill it will demerara sugar and 151 proof dark rum. Outrageous!

    3 replies

    Will create an instructable for it as time permits. Betsy's trying to get me more into it. Blame her if I start going off the deep end....

    Also: I'm thinking about your recipe, and lighting the rum-filled avocado on fire. Probably not the best for flavor, but necessary to try at least once.

    That needs its own Instructable- please put it up! It'll be simple to do, but will make many people very happy.

    I tried this with a pommegranite black currant preserve, and it was veeeery good. Kinda tasted like cranberry sauce! hehe

    i think that sounds awesome! the pic is a little gory but man i bet this tastes great. i need to experiment with avocado more.

    Yes, theres something that isn't right with avocados and sweetness, but I think its only in my head, there might be the possibility I will try it, since Fat + Sugar doesn't normally taste bad at all ;) !!!!


    12 years ago

    This may taste good and to many peopl it may look good but there is somthing deep inside of me that make me want to throw up when i see it . Im really not sure why but it does. I think its the red and chunks

    1 reply

    The pictures do look gory, don't they? Some of the ones I didn't post had even more of a "freshly ripped out of the chest cavity" look to them.


    12 years ago

    ewwwww it may taste good .. but ewwwww